Connection Meeting Room

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Connection Meeting Room

The Meeting Room from Connection is a semi-enclosed workspace, providing a private, secluded area for collaborative and team-based working.

The Connection Meeting Room consists of a 4 post structure with Fenix cladding, built-in lighting, straight ceiling baffles & an upholstered Fenix media wall. The space is also suitable for adding a medium sized table with stools or chairs positioned around (ideally stools for maximum space efficiency).

Product Information

  • Dimensions: W3000 x D3000 x H2400mm
  • 4 post structure
  • Fenix cladding
  • Light beam & straight baffles
  • Upholstered Fenix media wall
  • Upholstered walls inc. Monitor bracket

Please note: Chair and table as shown in the image are not included in the price, only shown as a possibility

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Connection Meeting Room

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