TableAir. Revolutionising The Sit Stand Game Entirely.

On average, office based workers spend around 7.5 hours a day sat behind a desk. These sedentary jobs are, well, sedentary. We spend the majority of the day just sitting and typing. The most exercise that we allow our bodies is for a quick loo or lunch break. Even then, a lot of us will have our lunches at our desks…seated! Our bodies are meant to keep moving, keep active. The TableAir aims to change just this.

Designed by Lukas Lukosevicius, TableAir comes as an ergonomic sit stand solution like no other.

Never has there been a simpler method of adjusting a table’s height. All you have to do is push down the Smart Button and raise your hand out to the desired height. The Smart Button works by sensing the distance between the table top and your hand and the TableAir rises with absolute ease. No need for clunky cranks.

TableAir is constructed using a unique electronic motor which, compared to most, is so silent you can hear the jealousy in others without it. It makes the whole experience all the more pleasant. On top of this, quite literally, the TableAir can lift a whopping 100kg! So don’t be scared to put your things on it.

One of the best features of the TableAir has to be the ambient LED in my opinion. The LED can be set to match any interior you place it in. And when not in use, you can just set it to any colour to become the focus of any office. Set the LED to any colour you want by downloading the TableAir app. You can also pick out of few of your favourite colours and save them so you don’t have to play around for ages trying to find it again. Although that may be fun at first, it will get rather tedious and frustrating after a while. The app also allows you to set when you want to switch between sitting and standing by allowing you to choose the times. 

Simple. Smart. Elegant. 

If you want to find out more about the product specifics or to purchase the TableAir, click here!