Our Trip To 100% Design - By Think Furniture

100% Design is the perfect platform for up & coming manufacturers to showcase their products to not only the general public but to other like-minded industry professionals.
The Think Furniture team decided to embark on the not-so-long journey to Baron's Court London, much like many years prior, in order to take a look at the very latest offerings from not only manufacturers we already work with but also from ones we do not.

The turnout this year was fantastic and supports the trend that with every succeeding year the show only gets better and better. With many new and existing manufacturers showcasing their wares, we were spoilt for choice this year more than ever and were able to pick out some great finds in terms of both interesting new product and great looking manufacturers with a lot of potential.

Below I have put together some images from the show, and please do keep an eye out on our website for some interesting new additions to be added soon!

Above is the 'Beatnik Sound Station Chair' from Slovenian manufacturer 'Donar', as modelled by our very own Rhiannon. Aside from the high level of comfort, the interesting feature of this chair is that music can be played inside directed toward the user.

Shown above is myself (Brendon) in the 'Bubble Pod' from 'Faram', because what's a review of an acoustic pod worth if you don't test its acoustics? - which turned out to be great! The main thing we liked about this pod, aside from its acoustic qualities, was the unusual shape and the attention to detail shown in the high quality interior fabric and materials.

In the image above (shown on the right) we can see our Penny in the 'Nook' pod. Nook is an excellent and highly space efficient pod solution perfect for one-on-one meetings, for eating a spot of lunch or for a touchdown workspace. In the image on the left we can see a more detailed image of the table and power modules shown from a users point of view.

Whilst on our travels we came across a well known brand to us in the form of 'Aeris', who were showcasing some of their most popular products such as; the '3Dee' Chair (Shown on the left), the 'Oyo' Chair (Shown on the right), the 'Muvman' stool, the 'Swopper' stool, and the most recent addition; the 'Swopper High' stool. All of Aeris' products mentioned above are of excellent quality and are some of the most comfortable seating solutions we've sat in!

Above is the 'Contessa 2', also known as the 'Contessa Seconda' chair by another one of our existing manufacturers; 'Okamura'. This is the new and improved version of Okamura's hugely successful 'Contessa' Chair.

Featuring the flowing, organic lines of the original combined with new engineering and functionality options, and featuring an increased number of colour options for the mesh, fabric and frame; the Contessa 2 Task Chair is the perfect solution for your office chair needs.

Showcased above is another one of our current manufacturers; 'Verco'. Their stand this year (shown on the left) featured their highly adaptive 'Martin' bench table, their 'Bethan' & 'Hartwell' chair collections, and their recent addition in the form of the 'Max' task chair (shown on the right).

Overall; we found the show this year to be great! We were not only able to catch up with some of our existing manufacturers but were also able to uncover many more that we had not seen before, and view a lot of interesting furniture ideas leaving us with a lot of 'food for thought' as it were.