Aircharge Airbridge Adaptor & Chrome Orb

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Aircharge Airbridge Adaptor with Chrome Orb

Aircharge’s upgraded bridging technology provides easy installation and ease of use in a public venue. The fold-down mechanism avoids misalignment, with the Orb always hitting the perfect spot on the wireless charger and allowing customers to be able to keep using their phone more easily while charging. The Aircharge ORB enables non-compatible mobile devices to be charged wirelessly.

Product Information

  • Micro USB, USB Type-C and MFi Apple “lightning” connectors
  • Simply fold the ORB down onto the Aircharge wireless charger to start charging
  • The central lightning bolt will illuminate once centred on a Qi wireless charger, indicating your ORB is receiving power and ready to connect to your mobile device
  • The Aircharge ORB is securely fixed, resulting in reduced accidental damage or vandalism
  • Perfect for reception areas, lounges and bars
  • Can be glued to table, no drilling required
  • Finish/colour: Aluminium block with chrome orb
  • Output: DC 5V, 1.5A
  • Length in charging configuration: 147mm
  • Height in stow-away configuration: 109mm
  • Width: 60mm
  • Certification: Qi certified


Aircharge Airbridge Adaptor & Chrome Orb

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