Abstracta Scala Acoustic Wall Panels

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Abstracta Scala Wall Panels

The Scala Wall Panels from Abstracta are sound absorbing wall panels provided as part of the 'Scala' product family.

Scala is a playful take on the classic corrugated iron aesthetic. The moulded felt absorbs sound and the wave-shaped surface effectively breaks the sound waves.

Made from moulded felt fabric (blazer) combined with a sound-absorbing core and mounted on hidden wall brackets.

Product Information

  • Available in 12 size variations;
  • W603 x H800mm (vertical)
  • W800 x H603mm (horizontal)
  • W1207 x H800mm (vertical)
  • W800 x H1207mm (horizontal)
  • W603 x H1600mm (vertical)
  • W1600 x H603mm (horizontal)
  • W1207 x H1600mm (vertical)
  • W1600 x H1207mm (horizontal)
  • W603 x H2300mm (vertical)
  • W2300 x H603mm (horizontal)
  • W1207 x H2300mm (vertical)
  • W2300 x H1207mm (horizontal)
  • 6 standard blazer fabric finishes available; CUZ1N, CUZ1W, CUZ1E, CUZ33, CUZ28 & CUZ30
  • All other blazer fabrics available with additional cost & longer lead time
  • Also available are ceiling hung panels, free-standing panels & acoustic lighting panels (all available via separate product listings).

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Abstracta Scala Acoustic Wall Panels & Ceiling Panel With LED Lighting In Situ

Abstracta Scala Acoustic Wall Panels

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