Form and Function. Get IN!

Physical activity is an important aspect of life if we want to stay healthy, as agreed by many physiotherapists. A lot of office seating companies will have the focal point of a chairs design being on supporting the back and some joints. But the whole body is important and Wilkhahn can’t stress this enough. Ensuring our body remains in good health makes us feel better about ourselves, consequently making us more productive. And ensuring employees are more productive is a top priority for commercial healthcare programmes.

“From Posture-Based to Motion-Based seating” was a study which was undertaken make employees less desk bound, and led to the creation of products which are still to this day, considered the best and most attractive seating.

Research has shown that all it takes is a small amount of physical activity to encourage people to continue down a healthy route. Even if it is the way you sit. Trimension® is Wilkhahn’s 3D kinematic solution to encourage users to actively change the way they sit. It has opened up many new dimensions of dynamic sitting. The IN office chair incorporates this technology as well as being perfectly synchronised with other 3D dynamics and combined with utmost comfort to boost our concentration and relaxation. 

No longer will you need to be torn between two chairs, one offering form, the other function as in the case of IN, both are on equal grounds. Having the perfect combination of the highest quality materials and finishes with ground breaking manufacturing processes, the IN office chair has a beautiful, athletic aesthetic.

The construction of the seat and back has a one piece design which offer’s different levels of elasticity which is formed using the latest 2K technology. The arms connect to this one piece construction and can easily be removed if required. The backrest cover itself is crafted from a uniquely created 3D Formstick material which has been produced under computer controlled conditions.

The seat and back construction can tilt in synch from the horizontal position by up to 12° in the seat, up to 26° backwards in the back with a sideways tilt of up to 13°. By rotating the lever upwards, the front edge of the seat produces a vertical sitting posture with an extra 5° frontwards tilt.

The counter pressure is attuned by twisting the knob attached to the flexibly mounted central spring. This method automatically ensures that not too much pressure is put on the swivel arms when making the adjustments. Trimension® is designed for people weighing from 45 to 140 kilos.

In the standard version the seat depth is 430 mm. If you have shorter thighs, you can activate the optional seat depth extension to decrease the length of the chair in four lockable stages, or if you have longer thighs you can extend it by up to 450 mm.