Allermuir Baudot Strings Acoustic Screen

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Allermuir Baudot Strings Acoustic Screen

The Baudot Strings from Allermuir come in four different sizes, providing offices with a range of sizes to suit their office space. All four Baudot String options come in a mixture of 4 colours and range in height which gives the product its noticeable abstract look. The Baudot Strings provide an attractive alternative solution to screening. The Strings consist of extruded aluminium poles surrounded by foam and fabric. The Strings are constructed to create an excellent surface to absorb and diffuse sound. There is 25 fabric colours and heights available to choose from. 

Product Information

  • All four sizes are 1800mm in Height.
  • 3 of the sizes are 280mm in Depth, the fourth one has a circle base where as the other three are rectangular.
  • All sizes vary in Width - 1000mm, 700mm, 500mm and 450mm. 
  • 3 of the sizes are rectangular based and the bases vary is size - 1000mmX280mm, 700mmX280mm & 500mmX280mm.
  • Smallest size is circular based - Ø450mm.
  • 25 fabric colour options.
  • Each different size has a mixture of 4 coloured fabric covered aluminium poles. 
  • Acoustically tested fabrics.
  • Steel base plate finished in Black Powder.
Allermuir Baudot Strings Acoustic Screen

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