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Sit Stand

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Height adjustment not only to chairs but also the desk area is becoming increasingly important in more and more UK facilities.

In Europe desk height adjustment is often considered the norm and is actually compulsory in many Scandinavian countries.

Put the simply the human frame was not designed to sit for eight hours plus per day. The rise of RSI and musculo skeletal related health issues has prompted a rethink of health strategies within the workplace. Height adjustable desks provide the user with the ability to set desk height to their required level. Electric sit stand desks go one further and allow users to discard their chairs for a period of time and work in the standing position. Varied work positions allow the spine and core muscle groups to work and refresh and provide the user with less comfort and fatigue often associated with sitting in one position for an extended period of time.

In this section (and our Wellbeing at Work section) you will see more examples of ergonomic workplace solutions to help combat bad backs, RSI and other work related conditions.

Why not also take a look at our Anti-Fatigue Mats designed for use with Sit Stand desks, found here.

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