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Client Engagement & Consultation


FREE Initial Consultation

Before the creative team at Think get to work it is important for us to understand your criteria. Is the project on a tight timeframe or have specific budget constraints? Is the project purely furniture design and planning or a full workplace re-fit and refurbishment program?

By listening to and understanding our clients needs we ensure we can apply our services where required whilst reducing or removing services not required. By tailoring to your needs we can ensure an efficient and more cost effective delivery of both design and product led services. From Inception to Completion we aim to provide clear and transparent communication with our clients and ensure that the scheme our clients want is the scheme they receive.

Team Think 

Customer satisfaction is paramount and our team work very hard to ensure all clients feel both comfortable with the service we offer and also kept uptodate on the progression of their project. Our consultative approach ensures that clients also feel in complete control and well informed on the decisions and choices they make.

With more than 50 years of Furniture and Interiors experience available to our clients we offer our clients both a good depth of knowledge ,advice but also understand the processes to ensure a satisfactory and timely outcome to all projects small or large.


Pre Sales

Think Furniture will always offer a diverse range of options to clients to ensure they can make an informed decision. We also offer to take clients to our manufacturing partners showrooms so they can experience first hand the style /quality or indeed any practical aspects of furniture or seating before committing to buying.


Project Management

Think Furniture will manage your order from start to finish and beyond. Every large project is personally managed by one of our Directors who have a vested interested in ensuring the project arrives on time and within budget. This also means the client has one point of contact through the process with someone who is in control of the program.


Relocation and Move Management

At Think we understand some clients may require additional services ,but not want or need to assign separate contracts or teams to complete these. We therefore offer our clients the option of a full relocation package. This includes an audit of all existing furniture and filing and of course we can plan for new furniture to fit in and around any existing furniture that is making the move.


Installation of Furniture

Think Furniture use carefully selected and trained fitters to ensure a smooth delivery /installation process. Because of the diversity of furniture we regularly review our installation operation to ensure both best value to client combined with good service.


Re-Think Disposal Service

Think operate ,where possible, a sustainable program for re-use of existing furniture working within a network of recycling and second hand furniture dealers. We will always aim to get a return for our clients or very least free clearance where it is commercially viable. In all other cases old furniture will be disposed through the correct environmental channels.



At Think we pride ourselves on client retention so look to maintain our close relationship with clients long after the project has been delivered. This provides clients with the confidence that we are there for the little things as well as any service or warranty issues long after larger companies has lost interest.


Core commitment

Central to Think Furniture’s ethos is the belief in providing our clients with the best and most diverse options of furniture to fit within their project timelines and budget. Our independent status allows us to research the market place and find the right solution for our clients rather than having to ‘force feed’ a solution from a manufacturing partner. This same independence allows us to negotiate a competitive buy price whilst still maintaining high service levels.


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